The French Law Firm dedicated to Patent Litigation

Dhenne Avocats, your law firm dedicated to patent litigation

Dhenne Avocats un Cabinet dédié au contentieux des brevets d’invention-mobile

A patent is an industrial property title. It is useful for the creator of an invention as it grants him temporary exploitation rights within the concerned territory for 20 years. Thus, during this period, the patent holder can prohibit anyone else from exploiting the protected invention. For the inventor, it represents recognition of their inventive activity and the financial reward that follows.

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Dhenne Avocats, a law firm dedicated
to patent litigation

Patent law is a branch of industrial property law that is becoming increasingly important. Numerous disputes are likely to arise in this area (patent infringement action, patent cancellation action, employee inventions, etc.)

In our highly competitive society, in a context of internationalisation of the economy and dematerialisation of exchanges, patents have become a priority for any inventor wishing to protect his creation. Nevertheless, because it is a living law, in constant evolution, patent law is as complex as it is exciting. This is why we put so much energy and fervour into defending each of our cases. At Dhenne Avocats, our activity is precisely focused on the protection of your inventions. We defend and advise our clients in all patent law disputes.

At Dhenne Avocats, our activity is precisely focused on the protection of your inventions.

We advise and counsel foreign and domestic businesses in all patent law disputes.

Dhenne Avocats, a law firm dedicated to patent litigation


Dhenne Avocats is a leading French law firm dedicated to patent, supplementary protection certificate (“SPC”) and know-how litigation as well as regulatory advice notably in the life sciences field.

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Dhenne Avocats, your law firm dedicated to patent litigation

The firm serves leading companies whose legal needs have a strong scientific and technological component.

Dhenne Avocats is thus characterized by its focus on patent litigation, high value-added services at a fair price, responsiveness, and willingness to move forward together with its clients.

Our attorneys, who have recognized expertise, represent our clients before the French, European, and arbitration courts. They act in various technical sectors (e.g., mechanical, electronic, chemical), mainly in complex high value-added litigation (i.e., IT and life sciences).

The role of Dhenne Avocats

The role of Dhenne Avocats

Our firm's aim is to assist you at all stages of protection of your inventions.


upstream advice


Drafting your contracts



upstream advice

The first of our missions is to map best routes of actions to protect your innovations according to your specific needs. Indeed, there are many ways to protect inventions and a patent is only one of them. In some particular cases, alternatives shall be explored, including contractual protection of know-how, trade secret protection and utility certificate.

Conseils en amont

In many cases, it is appropriate to adopt a "360" strategy that will appeal to both secrecy (especially NDAs) and the various domains of intellectual property (patent law, trademark law, design law, and copyright law) in order to ensure optimal protection for your innovations.

Thus, for example, the source code of a software will be protected by copyright while its functions may be protected by patents. However, it may be in some cases more judicious to opt for an action in parasitism.

Drafting your contracts

Our firm assists you in the negotiation and drafting of all your contracts related to your industrial property rights. In particular, we offer you all our expertise concerning :

Accord de confidentialité (« dit « NDA »)
Patent assignment agreement
Patent license agreement
Contrat de copropriété de brevet
Contrat de transfert de technologie
Contrat de communication de savoir-faire
Trademark assignment agreement
Trademark licensing agreement
Design or model assignment agreement
Contrat de licence de dessin ou modèle
Contrat de cession de droit d’auteur
Computer maintenance contract
Contrat de salariés (en particulier pour des clauses de confidentialité ou pour de potentielles inventions de salariés)

Partnership agreement including aspects of intellectual property.


On the side or prior to negotiations, the Intellectual Property Right can be litigated if necessary or desirable. This can be the case when an inventor’s private rights are infringed, notably in the event of patent infringement. Our role is to establish a strategy to achieve your objective on a reasonable risk base and to assist you before national Courts and/or the Unitary Patent Court ('UPC").

Palais justice mobile

For example, we can assist you in :

Gathering evidence
of infringement with
a seizure of counterfeit goods

Introducing an invalidation action of a third party's patent before a court Defend you against a patent infringement

Defend you against a patent infringement

Defend you against an infringement of your trade secrets, particularly in the event of a seizure of counterfeit goods

Help you fight against unfair competition, particularly in the event of parasitism

Frequently asked questions about our firm

Who is behind Dhenne Avocats?

Dhenne Avocats is a Parisian law firm founded in 2018 by Matthieu Dhenne.

The firm focuses on French patent litigation expertise in various technical sectors (mechanical, electronic, chemical), while intervening more particularly in complex high added value fields (i.e. IT and life sciences) for a varied clientele (ETI, SME, CAC 40). Dhenne Avocats is thus characterised by its activity focused on patent litigation, a high added value service at a fair price, reactivity and the will to move forward together with its clients. Matthieu Dhenne has already been distinguished by the Legal 500 (Tier 1 in the “Patent Litigation” category) and Leaders League (Strong Notoriety in the “Patents: Pharma, Biotech, and Life Sciences Litigation” category) rankings.

Why call on Dhenne Avocats?

1. A service tailored to our clients

2. An efficient team of patent litigators

Reconnu par nos pairs, dont nos clients témoignent, qui explique l’influence du Cabinet avec des interventions régulières dans les médias.

3. A practice recognised by our peer

which explains the influence of the firm with regular interventions by the media.

Our firm was founded in 2018 by Matthieu Dhenne. A member of the Paris Bar since 2014, he is a reference in the world of patent litigation.

As such, we are regularly consulted by the French authorities during reform projects or interviewed on this subject by the media. Matthieu Dhenne also teaches in the Master 2 Industrial Property program at the University of Panthéon-Assas. He is the French referent of the international Kluwer Patent Blog, as well as the author of numerous articles and books on patent law, in particular with regard to new information technologies.

Finally, his expertise has been recognized by numerous international rankings (Legal 500 and Leaders League)

Which areas do we cover?

Nos avocats brevets défendent et conseillent nos clients dans divers domaines techniques

Nous avons développé une pratique contentieuse et non contentieuse, notamment axée sur les contrats de licence, d’inventions de salariés et de secrets d’affaires.

FRAND undertakings
Medical devices

They trust us

Matthieu a montré lors de ses différentes interventions et présentations lors de séminaires son expertise sur les droits de brevets, en particulier sur les inventions mises en oeuvre par ordinateur.
Antoine Dupont

Responsable licences au Commissariat à l'énergie atomique et aux énergies alternatives (CEA)

Matthieu dispose d'une grande compétence en droit des brevets que j'ai pu apprécier lors de nos différentes collaborations.
Anne-Catherine Chiariny

Responsable du Master Innovation de l'Université de Montpellier

Matthieu, a competent professional with the desire to always get involved and the aim of bringing home the result. A truly deep knowledge of IP law.
Elena Zillio Raffin

Consulente legale interno presso Fiorital S.p.a.

Matthieu has proven to be not only a very skilled patent, fast thinking and seasoned lawyer but has handled our case very aggressively (in a positive way!) and with a lot of commitment. Highly recommended.
Michel Rorai

Head of IP and General Counsel Marketing at Lipton Teas and Infusions

Matthieu is an accomplished and astute French patent litigator and counselor, with deep and growing experience in the new across French's courts and the new Unified Patent Court. His expertise on patent litigation is strongly recommendable.
Claire Le Floch

Head of Legal Intellectual Property Law

Matthieu is nothing less than the "Mbappé" of french patent law! Smart, energetic, entrepreneurial and with a strong scientific background (the latter being more the white than the Mbappé). Plus a multi-lingual nice guy.
Prof. Dr. Tilman Müller-Stoy

German Patent Litigator, BARDEHLE PAGENBERG

Matthieu is one of the most brilliant patent litigator I met in Europe. Very deep legal and technical understanding with as a strong client-focused approach. Matthieu is creative by essence, and able to design successful legal strategies.
Guillaume Ménage

Directeur de la propriété intellectuelle, Ledger

Maître DHENNE, an essential skill for the defense of our IP. Resourceful, valiant and full of energy to advise you and defend your interests. Available and attentive, which makes it a pleasant collaboration.

Founder, SALVECO

Matthieu Dhenne possède une très grande expertise dans son domaine. Ce qui fait la réelle texture de Matthieu, c’est l’énergie qu’il met pour défendre et gagner ses combats !
Martin GENOT


I’ve worked with Matthieu in regards an important patent case. He has a deep knowledge about patent law and a strong engineering expertise. Highly recommended.
Alessandro ZITO

Intellectual Property Attorney, PRESSO LUXOTICCA

Matthieu is a skilled practitioner with vast experience in the IP field. I strongly recommend him for his capability, reliability and professionalism
Niccollo FERRETI


Matthieu is one of the leading experts in patent infringement litigation and the organization of complex and multiple seizure operations. He is always up to date with the latest case law.


Mathieu Dhenne provides precise and clear advice in a field that is rarely clear: that of trademarks and patents. He knows how to be pragmatic, depending on the issues.


Matthieu is clearly a highly skilled and knowledgable expert in his field. Although we did not work very much together, I would not hesitate a second to entrust Matthieu with important cases.
Gabriele MOHSLER


Matthieu Dhenne accompanies and advises the company throughout the often lengthy proceedings. We note his constant investment in the cases. The participation in the mental handling of a procedure, combined with the competence maintains the relationship of trust. Trust, a simple word, always justified.
Dominique SOARES


If you are looking for a patent specialist who is 200% on his cases. Matthieu is perfect.
Frédéric LESCURE


I had the opportunity to work with Matthieu on a patent case with parallel procedures in Germany and France. Matthieu is primarily a highly specialized, accurate and innovative jurist.
Pierre-Aimé DESPALLE

IP Strategist | Patent Attorney (EP & DE) | UPC Representative | SEP