Role of the French Patent Litigator: General

The role of a French patent litigator is to advise and represent clients in matters relating to the protection and exploitation of patented inventions. He or she can assist inventors, companies and other patent owners in enforcing their patent rights and in defending their interests in litigation.

The patent litigator can also help clients negotiate licenses, patent assignment agreements, and assess the validity and strength of existing patents. He can also advise clients on patent laws and regulations, as well as on procedures and strategies for protecting inventions. Finally, he may represent clients in patent litigation, including cancellation proceedings, patent infringement suits and employee invention litigation.

Role of the French Patent Litigator: Patent Litigation

Our French patent litigators defend the interests of our clients in litigation relating to inventions from various technical fields, both as plaintiffs and defendants.


FRAND licenses


Medical devices





Patent litigators are also regularly called upon to defend the interests of their clients with respect to infringement, trade secrets (know-how), pharmaceutical regulations and employee inventions, which may be closely related to patent litigation.