30 April 2024

Release of a treaty on patent law co-authored by Matthieu Dhenne



After months of work, the patent law treatise published by the prestigious LexisNexis publishing company is finally available.

Co-rédigé par Matthieu Dhenne, Emmanuel Py et Anne-Catherine Chiariny-Daudet, cet ouvrage a été conçu comme un guide pratique à l’attention des professionnels du droit des brevets.



This practical book is devoted to an in-depth study of the various intellectual property rights protecting technical inventions: domestic and European patents as the main form of protection, but also related or related titles such as supplementary protection certificates and domestic or Community plant variety rights.


The guide also looks in detail at the legal regime governing the protection and transfer by contract of technical knowledge which, although not legally appropriate, is kept secret by an economic operator and is commonly referred to as "know-how".

The book is up to date with the PACTE law and the Unified Patent Court.

Author : Dhenne Avocats.