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Employee's invention (out of scope of the mission)

Definition : Employee's invention (out of scope of the mission)

L’invention hors mission se distingue de l’invention de mission en qu’elle est réalisée par le salarié hors du cadre d’une mission qui lui a été confiée par son contrat de travail. On distingue ces inventions selon qu’elle soit attribuable ou non attribuable à l’employeur.

In this way, the employer can be awarded a non-mission invention if it is made by the employee either in the course of carrying out his duties, or in the field of the company's activities, or through the knowledge or use of techniques or means specific to the company, or of data provided by it. In such cases, the employer has the right, subject to conditions and deadlines laid down by decree of the Conseil d'Etat, to obtain ownership or use of all or part of the rights.

The employer can only exercise their right to claim ownership of an invention under the condition of paying the employee a fair price.

A lawyer specializing in employee inventions may be involved to assist either the employer or the inventor.