Employee Inventions

Employee's invention lawyer

In the realm of employee inventions, the role of the lawyer is to advise and represent both employees and employers regarding employee inventions. They can assist employees in assessing issues related to inventions and patents arising from their work for the employer.

The lawyer specializing in employee inventions can also assist employers in establishing policies and protocols to manage their employees' inventions and ensure contractual obligations are met. They can represent employers in disputes related to employee inventions, including patent infringement lawsuits and disputes over royalty sharing.

Furthermore, the lawyer can assist employees and employers in negotiating and concluding confidentiality agreements and property transfer agreements that define the rights and obligations of the parties regarding employee inventions. They can also assist employees in enforcing their rights in case of non-compliance with agreements or policies related to employee inventions.

Disputes related to employee inventions have particularly developed since the early 1990s, especially concerning the amounts that may be awarded to employees.