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Unitary Patent Court (UPC)

Definition : Unitary Patent Court (UPC)

The Unified Patent Jurisdiction (UPC) is the Court with jurisdiction in proceedings relating to a unitary patent.

Specifically, this specialized jurisdiction has been created to deal with patent disputes in the member states of the European Union. It aims to provide a unified judicial system for patents in Europe, reducing the costs and complexities of patent disputes that can currently be brought before the national courts of each EU member state.

The UPC will comprise a court of first instance, a court of appeal and a central register. It will have jurisdiction to hear disputes concerning European patents and unitary patents. The unitary patent is a new type of patent that will be issued by the European Patent Office (EPO) and will be valid in all EU member states that have joined the system.

The aim of the UPC will be to make patent litigation procedures more efficient, less costly and more predictable. It will also reduce the risk of conflicting patent decisions, which can currently be taken by different national courts in different Member States.

However, the foundations of this jurisdiction and its prospects remain debated..

The patent attorney (or UPC attorney) will aim to assist clients in their litigation strategies before this new jurisdiction.