UPC Lawyer: The new era of the Unified Patent Jurisdiction

ChatGPT Inherently innovative, the Unified Patent Court (UPC) (JUB) establishes an international legal system created by 25 states. Its primary function is to handle disputes related to infringement and validity of unitary and European patents. Patent management is thus simplified by centralizing procedures that were previously divided among different national jurisdictions. Although closely linked to the European Union, the UPC operates autonomously with decisions applicable in all states that are signatories to the Agreement on a Unified Patent Court jurisdiction.

The challenges and opportunities of the UPC for stakeholders

The mechanism of the Unified Patent Court (UPC) consists of a court of first instance, an appeals court, and a central registry. It is empowered to adjudicate all disputes related to European unitary patents and European patents registered in countries where the Agreement applies. This authority even extends to supplementary protection certificates. However, despite the significant step forward that this unification represents for patent litigation management, the system is not without challenges. Indeed, its complexity and associated costs could potentially deter certain businesses, particularly SMEs and startups. Additionally, the impact of Brexit on the future of the UPC remains a central question that remains unanswered.

The role of Dhenne Avocats in navigating this new legal landscape

ChatGPT Given this new landscape, our law firm Dhenne Avocats is already actively assisting clients in managing their litigation strategies before the UPC, as well as before national courts during this transitional period. Through our network of international colleagues and our flexibility, Dhenne Avocats offers tailored expertise adapted to the technical domain and national specificities of each case. Our firm's extensive experience in combating infringement in complex multi-jurisdictional contexts is a major asset in helping our clients navigate this uncharted legal territory.