Charles de Haas Cabinet Dhenne avocat
Charles de Haas Cabinet Dhenne avocat

Charles de Haas

of-Counsel - UPC Representative

Charles de HAAS has more of three decades of experience advising domestic and foreign businesses in intellectual property with undisputed reputation.

In parallel with his legal practice, Charles pursues high-level academic research as a doctoral student and research associate at the Institut de Recherche en Propriété Intellectuelle (IRPI).

Charles is known for his dedication to his clients and his commitment to providing strategic legal advice and effective solutions. He is renowned for his thoroughness and pugnacity.


Après avoir obtenu avec distinction un Diplôme d’Études Supérieures spécialisées en Propriété Industrielle (DESS) de l’Université Paris II, il s’est inscrit sur la Liste des Personnes Qualifiées en matière de Propriété Industrielle et au registre des Avocats près de l’Office Européen des Brevets à Munich.


Charles est chargé d’enseignement à l’Université de Paris II, où il enseigne le droit d’auteur et les dessins et modèles.


Charles is the author of numerous publications and actively contributes to discussions in the field of intellectual property, particularly at CEIPI and AIPPI, as well as in specialized journals.

Principaux ouvrages :

  • In the Lamy Business Criminal Law, starting from 2019 (with Professor Jean Lapousterle), Part 6, Chapter 5: Intellectual Property and Counterfeiting Offenses.
  • In the Lamy Commercial Law from 2019 onwards (with Me Patrice de Candé), Title 5 covers Applied Designs, Models, and Copyrights.
  • "Designs and Models and Competition Law: The Poor Example of Spare Parts" in "The Articulation of Intellectual Property Rights and Competition Law", Dalloz 2020.

Recent articles:

  • "Intellectual Property Questioned Twice" (Propriétés Intellectuelles, January 2024).
  • "The Reform of the Devolution of Objections or the Predicted Failure of a Simplification Attempt (Particularly in the Context of Intellectual Property Lawsuits)," Communication, Electronic Commerce, October 2020 (study).
  • "Spare Parts and Competition Law" (in "The Articulation of Intellectual Property Rights and Competition Law", Dalloz, February 2020).
  • "Procedural Law Chronicle" (Propriétés Intellectuelles, January and October 2020).


Charles de Haas regularly speaks at conferences, including:

  • Preliminary Injunctions in Europe (January 31, 2020, Universidade Católica Portuguesa - Lisbon)
  • Customs Enforcement of Counterfeiting (March 19, 2020, Université Paris II)
  • Reform of the Devolution of Objections and Intellectual Property (July 7, 2020, Campus of the Paris Bar Association)
  • Tribute to Geoffroy Gaultier (September 28, 2020, AAPI)
  • Counterfeit Seizure in Light of Trade Secrets (November 23, 2020, Institut Stanislas de Boufflers)


Charles is a research associate at the IRPI (Institut de Recherche en Propriété Intellectuelle). Additionally, he is an active member of the Institut Stanislas de Boufflers, AIPPI (International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property), and AAPI (Association des Avocats de Propriété Intellectuelle).


Charles parle couramment français et anglais.